GB2 Tactical - Terrible service

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GB2 is a local gun shop that sells and repairs firearms.I've had 3 issues with them.

The first is that I took the advice of one of their counter guys and bought 9mm reloads from them (factory rounds are scarce). He talked them up and assured me they were as good or better than factory. Of the 100 rounds I bought, I had 5 ftf, and the loads on the other rounds felt either too hot or not hot enough. There was no consistency.

The second issue I had is when I was interested in purchasing a gun from them and wanted to trade in one of mine. He basically came just short of calling my gun garbage and offered me $150 for it. I laughed and walked out. I recently went in there and saw the same gun in worse condition in their showcase for $450!

The most recent issue is when I took my AR in to have a free float quad rail installed. They took apart the gun and realized the rail wouldn't work. No problem, my bad, I don't blame them for that. What pi$$ed me off is that it took them all day to realize that it wouldn't work, had to keep it an extra day to put it back together, and then charged me $45!!!

Seriously, wtf?!?

Stay the h@ll away from this store unless you like getting bent over.Do yourself a favor and go to Top Gun in Taylor instead.

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Well, They are a Great shop, and hey the firearm is like a car is losses value with use and when carried...

The shop has to make money, and when it come's to you ar15 hand guard issue, well they charge you for there time to take apart your firearm, so if you worked on something would you expect to be paid? As for Top gun, I heard they screw up things with firearms as well...

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